Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What are the different Social Problems and their educational implications?

Following are the most common social problems:

1. Juvenile delinquency
This is antisocial, menace to the people’s welfare, different from what normal action is and which serves as outlet of an instinctive urge. Common to boys are robbery, theft, harm to other. While common to girls are prostitution, disobedience.
The roles of the schools in juvenile delinquencies are as follows:
a. Make each youth feel that they belong. Make them feel that they are part and parcel of the school.
b. Give the child a small responsibility/chore to be responsible for;
c. Provide a warm healthy school climate;
d. Develop worthwhile values;
e. Have children distinguish between right and wrong.
f. Accept all children without criticism/favoritism and provide the affection that they may not get at home.
g. Keep children busy ate worthwhile activities;
h. Find out interest of children and provide outlets for these;
i. Identify children who needs help and provide help;
j. Check what has been accomplished and follow-up from time to time.
2. Drug addiction
A problem that is against society and at the same time detrimental to one self
This is caused by the following factors;
a. BARKADA – member of a gang- taking marijauana
3. habitual pain eradication
4. experimental drug testing
5. Innocent pusher victims
6. High frustration
7. low-level education
8. Family disorganization
9. racial and economic discrimination
10. easy access to drugs
Drug education should be part of the curriculum. School and home should cooperate in seeing to it that their children do not become victims of drug addiction. Educators should warn children in accepting anything that is offered to them for free. School authorities may provide surveillance to watch drug addiction.

11. Sex Problems
This is due to the invention of contraceptives, women’s liberal movements, too much permissiveness and breakdown of home discipline which brought about by negative society influence like: wife-swapping, homosexuality and prostitution. AT times this is caused by media wherein live-in movie folks have been published, crowded houses resulting to no privacy, poverty, modern ads and breaking down of family discipline.
Educational system should provide sex education. Parents/teachers should instill worthwhile mores and traditions in their children. Adults should serve as good models for their children. The school should offer programs that will help release the youth’s energetic potential.
12. Divorce and Desertion
Marriage without enough preparation would cause desertion, separation and divorce. Separation of the couple is a big disadvantage. To save marriages, we need to emphasize the religious and sacramental significance of marriage; have couple live together by working near home; emphasize the real values of life. Husband and wife should cooperate, emphasize in the mind of the youth that the right age and mature marriage contributes better companionship. THE HIGHER THE EDUCATIONAL LEVEL AND THE CLOSER THE COUPLE IN EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT, THE GREATER THE CHANCES FOR SUCCESS IN MARRIAGE.
13. Population Explosion
Population explosion is caused by different perspectives in life and beliefs. Explosion of population has an adverse effect, such as: poverty; unemployment and underemployment, political instability, lower quality of life; over-urbanization; lower educational attainment, slowed down economic development, less food supply and housing problems.
14. Poverty
This is the greatest problem in the Philippines. This is due to the population explosion, natural calamities, indolence, politics, inflation, graft and corruption, demoralization and unemployment which resulted to low standard of living, low morale, family discord, insecurity, anxiety, hopelessness, psychological depression, jobless, shame, theft and robbery. This can be prevented is schools would prepare individual for a life work while young so that one can have a means of livelihood later; help develop a habit of thrift, industry, perseverance and better still to develop multiple skills of the learners.
15. Child Prostitution / Child Abuse
These are street children who become victims of abuses and are led to prostitution, especially in the tourists by which children are experiencing trauma and illness. To get rid of this problem, it is suggested that laws be enacted to punish adults who abuse children. It is good to maintain curfew hours, provide assistance for very poor parents to earn their livelihood so that they will not be tempted to sell their children; stiffer penalty who kidnap children and that there should be proper sex education for parents and children.
16. Mail-Order Brides
This usually happens in a poor families thinking that they will have a better life abroad, wanting a good-looking person to belong to a white race; raising status; no one is courting which results into a very unhappy, incompatible. Abuses, maltreatment.
17. Employment Abroad
There is a need for our family ties to be strengthened so that even if husband or wife is apart, they will resist being attracted to other partners. There should be frequent communication between husband and wife to ward off loneliness and keeping close ties; keeping oneself busy to ward off temptations. Application for jobs abroad should be through legal recruiters and government agencies. The government should try to protect citizens by supervision of recruiting agencies and examination of working contracts; establish a bureau to should screen entertainers to equip them with talents and skills and legal documents as entertainers for abroad so that Filipina entertainers will not be abused and turn into prostitutes that gives the country a bad reputation.

18. Lack of Peace and order
At times, being lack of strong leadership skills could lead many to be disappointed and lose confidence over the government. Thus, lack of unity among the people who regard themselves as Filipinos working toward a common goal may be the strongest factor underlying lack of peace and order. Eventually many Filipino leave our country to find peace and security in other countries. Some joined communist, other unconscientiously do graft and corruption; some regions in the country would like to be autonomous and independent while others tend to destabilize the government.

Since education is the best safeguard of democracy, there should be universal compulsory education. To counteract the communist’s propaganda, there should be information of different ideologies and life in those countries under different forms of government should be shown. There should be better communication between the people and the government. There should be less talk, politics and more action and implementation of laws and policies. There should be better way of selecting a leader. Over and above, since poverty is the root of most evils, the economy should be bolstered. Priority should be given to projects that will earn and that will provide jobs for many people. Finally, there should b e less members in the law-making bodies to save more money.


Aditi said...

I truly agree with consciousness awakening part of the post.!
People rating poverty as poor from their hearts is the first step towards any revolution to be taking place..

The Millennium Development goals of the UN..works this principle..!
They want people to think..question themselves and then come forward to their bit in the cause..!
It has being doing enormous efforts on these lines….
This year UN will be shifting its focus on India, with Stand Up and Take action event and getting many hands together to fulfill the 8 goals…
Be updated….with the latest happeningss..

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